LED Lighting and Replacement Lamps in Bristol


Ablectrics is an LED lighting specialists, not only do we sell LED lighting in Bristol and online we also work with many manufacturers helping with designs and concepts. Because we are so passionate about what we do and we understand both the shortfalls and success of the technology the manufactures enjoy working with us. We feed information gleamed from listening you and what you want from LED products directly back to them.

LED lighting has come on a long way in the last 5 years, reliability and brightness are now better than ever. But there are still some issues. On a monthly basis we talk and advise our suppliers as to what the competition is doing, what people are asking for and what they could do improve their LEDs. This not only ensures the manufactures are working in the right direction it also means we have some of the latest technologies here on test before most shops have even seen the product.

Come down and see us for a chat, we have a full test bed in the showroom and often are testing new lamps and modules for our suppliers.


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